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We would like to help guide you to resources that will answer your questions, direct you to support groups or find treatment. We know that it can be an overwhelming task to find help. Visiting Bring Change 2 Mind was a good place to start and we can suggest a few options for you.

To find resources in your community we suggest contacting The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). NAMI is a national mental health organization with local chapters offering support groups, classes and information. To find a chapter near you, please click here.

It's a hard job raising kids. For families raising children, teens and young adults with mood disorders the job is even more challenging. Find online resources, community, support and stability by visiting The Balanced Mind Foundation.

More resources

Mental illnesses are treatable and, with the proper medical attention, people living with them can lead successful and meaningful lives. Learn the symptoms. Seek treatment. Find support. Below are some quick links to organizations to help you find the information you need:

Suicide Prevention

General Support & Information

Child & Adolescent Support and Information

High School & College Support and Information

Family & Friends Support and Information

  • Karla Smith Foundation
  • Safe Call Now is an organization set up by public safety employees (law enforcement, first responder, fire, corrections, and civilian support staff) that offers support to fellow colleagues, family members, and friends.

PTSD — Military and Veteran Communities

NIMH National Outreach Partners

The NIMH has more than 80 National Partners, including professional, consumer, advocacy, and service-related organizations with a nationwide membership and/or audience. NIMH National Partners are concerned primarily with mental health, alcoholism, and drug abuse disorders, but also include a broad range of groups involved in general health and medicine, social services, and education.

To see a complete list of NIMH partners, click here.

In addition to the above, each of our partner organizations can provide you with even more valuable information and resources.