Bring Change to Mind, in partnership with Brandon Marshall’s Project 375, launched #StrongerThanStigma to raise awareness around the unique challenges that men face when discussing mental health, to encourage open dialogue, and to promote help seeking behavior.

#StrongerThanStigma features four inspirational male figures from professional sports leagues, television, and the music industry who have each made mental health advocacy a part of their platform.  These headliners are Brandon Marshall, NFL All-Pro wide receiver for the New York Jets; Ben Scrivens, NHL goalie for the Montreal Canadiens; Michael Angelakos, lead singer of indietronica band Passion Pit; and Wayne Brady, comedian and actor.  Each man either lives with a mental health diagnosis or has chosen to serve as an empathetic advocate, and shares his story and encourages men to start the conversation and end the stigma.

Over the past thirty years, the rate of suicide among men has been three to four times that of women.  Traditionally, however, men have shied away from talking about their feelings as it is viewed as negative and weak.  In addition to a reluctance to seek help, men have higher levels of isolation, and of drug and alcohol misuse; are at a greater risk for homelessness; display more externalized and destructive behaviors; and are more involved with the criminal justice system.

Research shows that men can positively influence each other through group discussions about health.  Additionally, studies have found that men are less likely to report pain when they are in front of a female clinician, which points to the possibility that men may be more honest about their condition with other men.

One in four adults experiences a mental illness in a given year.  Yet, nearly two-thirds do not seek treatment.  Especially men.  And, stigma is often to blame.  It’s time to talk about mental health.

For more information on men’s mental health, please visit our Resources page.

The PSA campaign is being distributed through traditional media channels of television, cable, digital, social media, print, and out of home.

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to all of the participants who gave so generously of their time – Brandon & Michi Marshall and Project 375 for partnering with us on this important work; Isaac Solotaroff, Bart Baldwin, and the entire team at Endeavor Films for directing, filming, and producing #StrongerThanStigma; MediaStorm for distributing the campaign to media outlets; MAUDE for designing the print and outdoor campaigns, and the website page; Cloudstreet for directing our social media campaign; and both PMK•BNC and HIP GENIUS for their publicity and marketing expertise.

BC2M PSA3 is available for use in media outlets, conferences, educational settings, community events, and wherever a conversation needs to begin.

PSA Stories

#StrongerThanStigma :15

#StrongerThanStigma :15 Featuring Brandon Marshall

#StrongerThanStigma :15 Featuring Ben Scrivens

#StrongerThanStigma :15 Featuring Michael Angelakos

#StrongerThanStigma :15 Featuring Wayne Brady

#StrongerThanStigma – Brandon Marshall: My Borderline Personality Disorder Diagnosis

#StrongerThanStigma – Ben Scrivens: Why I Started Talking About Mental Health

#StrongerThanStigma – Michael Angelakos: My Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis

#StrongerThanStigma – Wayne Brady: Why I Waited to Talk About My Depression

#StrongerThanStigma – Sylvester Amick-Alexis + Mädchen Amick Talk About Mental Health

Jonny Benjamin is #StrongerThanStigma

Clint Malarchuk is #StrongerThanStigma

Marc Rios-Klein is #StrongerThanStigma

Glenn Close + Brandon Marshall Introduce  #StrongerThanStigma

#StrongerThanStigma :30 (Closed Captioning)

#StrongerThanStigma :15 (Closed Captioning)