BC2M’s fourth PSA, #MindOurFuture, was launched in December 2015 and invites Millennials and GenZs to take part in a movement to end fear, shame, and misunderstanding by submitting their own mental health stories and encouraging their peers to do the same. These young people serve as deeply engaged change agents building a foundation of broad awareness. To date, this campaign has amassed 990 million media impressions.

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to all of the participants who gave so generously of their time; MAUDE for creating the campaign and overseeing all design elements; Endeavor Films for directing, filming, and producing #MindOurFuture; MediaStorm for distributing the campaign to media outlets; Cloudstreet for directing our social media campaign; and both PMK•BNC and Three Degrees for their publicity and marketing expertise.

BC2M PSA4 is available for use in media outlets, conferences, educational settings, community events, and wherever a conversation needs to begin.

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