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Blog: Waking and Walking by Jessie Close

My medications make it difficult to wake up, get up, move, in the morning. The worst part of it was the fog surrounding my thoughts. I simply could not see through the fog no matter how I prepared for it.  Read More »

Blog: Mutant and Proud by Henry Boy Jenkins

We are on the receiving end of the misconceptions and the bullying, not only from without, but from within. To reverse this, it is imperative that we speak up, not act out. First, we need to understand who we are and what our disorders mean to the quality of our lives. The next step is to address the misconceptions responsible for public prejudice. This begins with education, not hearsay. Caricatures of the mentally ill are the shorthand of the weak. Read More »

Blog: My Journey Continues by Keith Anderson

For years I had depression. There was a time when leaving the house for just one hour was celebrated. Then, after much support, and what I can call a full recovery, I was in a good place. I had made some new friends - some through BC2M. I was happy, I could truly laugh and I enjoyed life! For What more could I ask?  Read More »

Blog: Lobbying in DC

The Excellence in Mental Health Act is one of the most important Acts written to try to help our country’s mentally ill. If lobbying is rushing around to speak to as many as possible, well… we did it!  Read More »

Blog: Highwire by Henry Boy Jenkins

I nervously explained my diagnosis to her, and she listened without judgement. I told her that I needed help navigating their system, and that logistics were not my forte. After pushing through my expectations and past the annoyance of my constant self-stigma, a miracle of sorts occurred. We were talking. Really talking. Read More »

In the News: Glenn Close speaks with Jian Ghomeshi n CBC Radio

Glenn Close -- the Emmy, Golden Globe and Tony award-winning actress and six-time Oscar nominee -- opens up about an issue close to her her heart, the stigma of mental illness and how it has profoundly affected her family. Read More »

Blog: Birth by Jessie Close

A visual and tangible scene of life has been played out for my family. Baby being born, and all the drama of that scene and her great-grandmother, nearing the end, reminiscing to whoever wants to sit and listen, about her long and adventurous life. We took a bundle of photos when Phoenix met her great-grandmother.  Read More »

Blog: Only the Lonely by Henry Boy Jenkins

It’s up to us to speak our truths and become a part of something bigger. We need to be seen and we want to be heard. We are not ciphers, cute off-the- wall characters in a situation comedy, or newspaper buzzwords when reporters get hasty. We are not punchlines. Mental illness is no laughing matter. Read More »

Blog: Snowed in by Jessie Close

How very strange that we in Montana have endured less snow than those of you in the east. But we’ve had snow too. Enough snow! Especially snow with a side of melancholy. But sometimes things are funny! Read More »

Blog: Phoenix by Henry Boy Jenkins

You know your illness - get to know it better. Don’t let the stigma associated with it blindside you or drop you to the pavement. Fight back with the aid of your doctor and your therapist, your medication, your family and your friends. Above all, do not be ashamed of who you are. You’re a beautiful human being and you deserve to be recognized as such. Spread your wings and soar. Read More »

Blog: I Know What I Know by Adrienne Gurman

I once read that each person who lives with Major Depression has his or her own brand. I gave that some thought and wondered if anyone else with a form of mental illness ever daydreams about abnormal ways to get rid of their symptoms like I do.  Read More »

Blog: Meds by Lauren Peacock

There is an incredible amount of stigma regarding anti-psychotic medications and unfortunately, the majority of America would automatically associate these types of medications with what they see in crime movies involving “mad houses.” However, to joke about something like this…to be quite honest, it offended me.  Read More »

Blog: Crazy Little Thing by Henry Boy Jenkins

I ardently promote the idea that love connects us all. Familial love, the love between friends, a general sense of love for the world - it brings us together in our quest for sound mental health and a stable sense of belonging. Love is that big box of everything good about Homo sapiens. At our best, human beings are sentient creatures whose sole purpose is to love. Read More »

Blog: Bump in the Road by Lauren Peacock

People have held the assumption of me that because I am a huge advocate for mental health awareness and de-stigmatization, that I have to be “all better,” or else I can’t promote the way I do. However, I never want to appear as if I’m “all better” and promote the “I got through it and so can you” type story. As many others out there, my mental illness is a work in progress too.  Read More »

In the News: Glenn and Jessie Close appear live on Erin Burnett’s OUTFRONT on CNN

Glenn and Jessie Close appear live on Erin Burnett's OUTFRONT on CNN. They will be speaking about their work as mental health advocates to eliminate stigma. Read More »

Blog: Wednesday by Henry Boy Jenkins

I’m alive because people care. I’m alive because there are trained professionals who do what it takes. I am alive because, regardless of the Voices and Suggestions, I found a way to follow my plan. I reached out when I needed help, when I knew that my illness wanted to kill me, and it failed because I didn’t. I survived because I fought back, and I did so in the ways designed by my doctor and my team and me. Read More »

Blog: Depression and Fear of the Unknown by Adrienne Gurman

I wonder if it’s possible to have Major Depression and ever live completely without the fear of it paralyzing me into oblivion. Then again, trying to surmise about my future is robbing me of my present. If I had a dime for every time I’ve been told to live for today, I’d have a boatload of coins stuck behind my sofa cushions. Read More »

Blog: Overcoming Anxiety and the Disease to Please by Adrienne Gurman

If there’s one thing I regret so far this year, it’s not getting a flu shot. Against my doctor’s strong recommendation, I chose to forego getting the vaccine. I’d heard it only works 60 to 70% of the time, and my stubbornness combined with apprehension of having a live virus injected into my arm, simply as a precautionary method, with no guarantee, didn’t seem worth the risk.  Read More »

Blog: Whack Job by Henry Boy Jenkins

At this point in history we are moving toward a more tolerant society where being who you are by nature is no longer a crime. Why then, I have to ask, does our country continue to maintain the errant belief that people living with a mental illness are an allowable target for public aggression? Read More »

Blog: 2014 by Jessie Close

If any of you are sliding into depression this winter I do have one consoling fact. Our days are getting longer now by one to two minutes of extra daylight per day. I, for one, am happy about this. For those of you who live in areas that don’t usually get such cold I really feel sorry for you. Hang in there! Read More »

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